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Facet Syndrome & Low Back Pain

Facet Syndrome & Low Back Pain

The purpose of facet joints is to protect the intervertebral discs from excessive twisting and hyper flexion forces and also to connect vertebrae's. The main cause of Facet Syndrome tends to be an acute trauma or chronic mechanical assault that generally results in pain and stiffness. Symptoms tend to include low back pain, pain while leaning back and a decrease in pain with rest. Often times this does not include symptoms such as pain down the leg or numbness and tingling. 


How can chiropractic care help?

Facet Syndrome is often a cause or a result of structural imbalances in the spine causing an increased amount of pressure and tension on the joint. The goal of chiropractic care is to restore motion back in the joint and relieve stress on that area. </p>

Stretches for Facet Syndrome

-Forward Bending

-Rest & Relax

-Knee to Chest

-Pelvic Tilts

-Lower Abdominal Strengthening


-Vitamin D

-B Vitamins such as B6 & B12


-N-acetyl cysteine


-Avoid high histamine foods (alcohol, canned foods, cheese, chocolate, nuts, beans) 

-Avoid caffeine, excessive salt & sugar. Increase intake of healthy oils/ cold-water fish & avocado

-Avoid foods that contain aspartame and monosodium glutamate (MSG)// Diet coke & fried foods

-Identify and avoid allergenic foods Increase intake of whole, raw, organic produce 

-Drink at least 70 oz of water daily 


-Epsom Salt baths = Magnesium 

-CBD Cream

-Deep Blue Essential Oil

-Light exercise, avoid extension and rotation activities as well as heavy lifting

-Sleep at least 6 hours at a time and allow the body time to heal & reset 

-↓stress= ↓inflammation= ↓pain 

-Heat/ice to the area

-Massage Therapy/Acupuncture

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