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Benefits of Proper Posture

Posture Brace & Maintaining Proper Posture

The purpose of a posture brace is to maintain proper body alignment to prevent excess strain on your joints and muscles. This will result in a decrease in pain, reduce your chance of injury, and boost mood. Poor posture can contribute to a number of health related issues such as headaches, back and neck pain, shoulder pain/impingement syndrome, knee and foot pain, jaw pain and fatigue/difficulty breathing. Those who have jobs that include sitting at a desk, bending over, repetitive motions, computer work, reading, etc. may be more at risk for developing postural related injuries.



Benefits of Maintaining Good Posture

1. Reduced pain in the neck and back

2. Less headaches

3. Increased energy levels

4. Decrease in muscle tension

5. Lowered risk of abnormal weight bearing on joint surfaces

6. Increased lung capacity

7. Improved circulation

8. Decrease in spinal/muscular compensations

9. Appearance of being taller

10. Increase self confidence

Proper posture can't be maintained with just a brace alone

Try these exercises in conjunction:

1. Child's pose

2. Shoulder rolls

3. Wall push-up

4. Resisted shoulder blade squeeze

5. Resisted rows

6. Levator scapula stretch

7. Trap stretch

8. Chin tucks

9. Planks

10. Cat-Cow

11. Pec stretch

12. Chest expansion

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