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My child is suffering from Colic, help!

                                           Infantile Colic

What is infantile colic? Abnormal crying >3 hours per day for a least 3x per week for 3 week in an otherwise well infant. This can often times due to a gastrointestinal issue.
Signs & Symptoms: Rhythmic crying, fist clenching, back arching, excessive gas, drawing up of legs, inconsolable.

What can you do as a parent?
Get adjusted  
Chiropractic adjustments work on creating structural balance to decrease pain signals from brain and increase nervous system input allowing for the body to heal itself.

Foods to remove from Mom’s diet:


These are the most common inflammatory foods, which decrease the immune response in both mother and child. Breast milk is the best medicine you can provide for your child. Gut infections (bacterial, fungal or viral) such as candida or h. pylori can be a reason for upset in a child as well as any medication (OTC or RX) taken by the mother.

Basic supplementation for Mom:

•Probiotic: 15+ billion CFU
•Vitamin D: 10,000 iu
•Glutamine: 200 mg
•N-acetyl cysteine or glutathione: 500mg

For child:

•Probiotic: open capsule, lick finger, submerse in product, and deliver to child
•Vitamin D: 2000-5000 iu

Soothing techniques
Abdominal massage
Hip circles
Hold child upside down
5 S’s: swaddle, sooth, shush, swing, suck
Wait 2 hours between feedings & limit feedings to 30 minutes Feed in a calm, quiet location

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