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Iodine & The Patch Test

How to test for low Iodine levels.

Begin in the morning with clean skin. Use a Tincture of 2% iodine (can be found online or at a drug store) and paint a 2 inch X 2 inch square on the inner arm. 

Make sure to use the orange colored solution. 

Make note of starting time.

The faster the body absorbs the Iodine the greater the need. If the patch disappears in 8 hours then the deficiency may be severe. If it disappears in 8-24 hours then the deficiency may be moderate. If it takes 24 + hours than Iodine levels are sufficient. 

Why are iodine levels important?

Iodine is a key nutrient that supports the thyroid gland. The thyroid helps to balance hormones, regulate heartbeat, maintain weight and muscle growth, stabilize cholesterol, supports menstrual cycles, provides energy and helps support neurotransmitters. Women tend to be more prone to iodine deficiencies because the thyroid gland is twice as large as males. 

How can we boost levels naturally?

Eat more sea vegetables and fish!

The current recommended daily allowance of Iodine is about 150 mcg/day. 

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